Friday, April 15, 2016

FTA: Radio Show on WERA 96.7fm

WERA-LP 96.7fm Arlington presents, From The Annex with me (the Librarian). Thursday nights from 10pm-midnight the beltway region will be getting Jungle music, event news, DJ spotlights and more. 

The Kick off was on (04.14.16) and I was wicked stoked, sort of nervous, and armed to the teeth with more records then what I can play in a two hour time slot. 

Listen here:

The show fortunately or unfortunately is pre recorded because of staffing positions that need to be resolved. So my plan currently is to record the next set while the current set is playing. 

With that said this first episode got my full attention, live posting of tracks (, listening to audio quality, commentary on my performance, and general "Librarian banter". It was just like old days listening to the start of the show in my rusted out Subaru, trying my best to keep my shit together. 

Curious about the coverage? Well here is the map that shows our current reach.

What if you outside ground zero? We are live streaming on:

what if your at a Thursday night  DJ events and miss the show?

Ladies and gentleman WE DID IT! We got our sound to be broadcasted over the airwaves in DC! Sort of crazy to think this is been in the works since 2009. Starting as a solo podcast project in my basement, then catching a few guest spots in Richmond's WRIR 97.3FM, and now this! Much love and respect to my DMV junglist family, to Joanna O & Jesse Split for getting me on the radio, to Douglas Black for GIVING me a foundation chunk of my archive (I will never be able to repay that), and finally WERA 96.7FM for giving me a slot on your frequency.

Till next Thursday, Keep Smiling Everyone

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