Friday, May 27, 2016

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #7 [05.26.16]

From The Annex [FTA] w/ The Librarian on 96.7FM WERA Arlington VA.

Thursday nights from 10pm - Midnight we broadcast Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dance Hall and whatever else is going to make the Nations beltway go bump in the night. We also inspire to bring you Event News, DJ Spotlights & Locally Produced Music.

This is episode #7. All vinyl, no computers, with some inspiration from a DJ SWEET LEAF who DJs a show called Hardcore Jungleism we are going old school. Getting me to dig. Back. Way Back! further then I have in ages, playing tunes I'm not sure I ever played out.

001) Prince Fatty - Insane In The Brain - Mr Bongo
002) Vato Gonzalez - Badman Riddim - Ministry Of Sound
003) Tek 9 - The Return Of Tek 9 - Reinforced Records
004) Potential Bad Boy - Sister Sue - Jungle Nation
005) Noise Factory - Bring Forward The Noise - Jungle Nation
006) Rebel Alliance - Flying High - Burning Bush Communications
007) Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh - Ebony Recordings
008) Randall & Andy C - Sound Control (Remix) -  RAM Records
009) DJ Trace -­ By Any Means Necessary - Dee Jay Recordings
010) Alpha - Access Code #1 - 5HQ
011) D.J. Fokus - I Want - Lucky Spin Recordings
012) T. Power - Nasty (Remix) - Sour USA
013) Defiant - Weekends - Magic Vinyl
014) D'Cruze - The Funk - Eastside Records
015) Deadly D - Listen Dis (Remix) - Flex Records
016) Blue Sonix - Funk Therapy - New Identity Recordings
017) Optimist - ­ In The Ghetto - XS Records
018) N.W.A. - Dopeman (Prisoners Of Technology Mix / Club) - Priority Records
019) Swan-E & Dope Ammo - Shamboozie (Liquid Mix) - Maximum Boost Recordings
020) Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance­ - Give It Up - Commercial Suicide
021) London Elektricity - Pull The Plug - Hospital Records
022) Tommy Knocker - Stand Up - Intercom Recordings
023) DJ Jo-S - Turbo - Higher Education
024) Jo - R-Type - Shogun Audio
025) Futuretech - Grand Theft Auto - Technique Recordings

Before I pull the needle off the record much love to my junglist family here within the beltway of DC. Your support means a lot to me so big up yourself.

To the FTA listeners world wide I want to send out some love. UK, Russia, Africa and CHINA! Much respect especially whoever is VPNing in from China to listen to the show, much love. Keep it locked to this channel for more Jungle / Drum & Bass or whatever I pull for your listening pleasure.

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