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FTA Spotlight: Patrick Currier: V4 on WERA 96.7FM [06.02.16]

He strolled into the Annex with the swagger of a man full of Mexican food and armed with nothing but ELM Imprint fire on his thumb drive. It is my great pleasure to introduce you the President and founding member of ELM Imprint, Faction Digital Recordings and member of VA Pressure. 

Patrick Currier.

01) Atlantica - Robert Manos (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
02) Lovelight - Spinscott (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
03) Freefall - RAW (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
06) Revolt - RAW (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
07) Break The Enemy - RAW (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
08) Lessons - Patrick Currier/Ill Omen (Al Pack Remix) (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
09) Horn Dub - Mutt and Tedder (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
10) Cutter - Will Miles Feat Sophi Mari (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
11) Dance Party - Will Miles (out now) - ELM Imprint
12) East Coast - MsDos (out now) - ELM Imprint
13) Basic - Will Miles (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
14) Grimey N Gritty - Hittin’ Switches (7/1/16) - ELM Imprint
15) Dirty Rat - Will Miles (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
16) Fight (5 Elements) - Ray Keith (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
17) Getting Reckless - RAW (out now) - ELM Imprint
19) Standard Procedure - Will Miles (out now) - ELM Imprint
20) Supa - Will Miles (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
21) I Want It - Mutt and Tedder (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
22) Late Nights - RAW feat Willie Waldman (out now) - ELM Imprint
23) Moodies - MsDos (out now) - ELM Imprint
24) Jazz Revolutions - RAW (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
25) Burner - Will Miles feat Robert Manos (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint 
26) Flavor Liquid - Will Miles (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
27) Episode - Robert Manos (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint
28) Twist The Cap - Will Miles (out now) - ELM Imprint
29) Make It Funky - Spinscott (forthcoming) - ELM Imprint


When was ELM Imprint established?
June 2015

How did ELM Imprint come into being?
Myself and Ill Omen were already running Faction Digital Recordings, we wanted to do an all drum and bass label at the next level. We found an investor and here we are!

Why name a record label ELM Imprint and what was the inspiration for the logo?
Great question! I was signed to Flatwoods Creative out of San Francisco a few years back, bonk is the owner and he is a very clever individual. I loved what he was doing with FC and the logo/concept. I reached out to him for ideas for a label name. I told him i wanted something that represented strength, maturity and unity. He hit me back with Elm Imprint. The inspiration comes from the Elm tree, roots, strength, growth, maturity.

Patrick Currier at the From the Annex studio laying down
some serious grimy bass lines.
Photo: Ocean Eiler

What is the vision behind Elm Imprint’s sound or is their one?
We are attempting to bridge the gap between US/UK dnb. We are releasing artists from both sides. The sound? We don't have a sound persay. If the tune and concept is great we will release it! We don't want to be pigeon holed into a certain “sound”

Who makes up ELM Imprint?
President: Myself
Vice President: Aaron Ill Omen Duncan
Secretary: Arch Dixon

Will Miles
Karl Leonard

Artist Management & Tours:
Dave Windu Deinfamous

Edward the Librarian & Patrick Currier playing the Smokers Lounge
at 112 Venue for Smack It! 2 in Virginia Beach.
Credit: Addison Stone

Graphic Design:
Edward The Librarian
Graham Jackson
Julien Petersen

We try and work with local artists

Jason Guidry

Web based solutions:
Dinah Watkins

Patrick Currier in the mix. Photo: Ocean Eiler

What was your first release?
RAW and Willie Waldman - Late Nights

How many releases have been put out in 2015?

How many are slated so far for 2016? Any that we should be on the look out for?
Bill & Ed - Yardman - [March 1st]
MSDOS - East Coast - [Feb 15th]
RAW - Getting Reckless - [April 19th]
Will Miles - Twist the cap - [May 2nd]
Asides/Will Miles - Atlantic / Bass God - [June 17th Vinyl / Digital]
Hittin Switches - Ghetto Scraps - [July 1st]
Pish Posh - The Civil Unrest - [July 17th]

Future Vinyl….
Mutt and Tedder
Will Miles Robert Manos Sophi Mari. This fall Vinyl / Digital
Ray Keith
Myself Tiffany Johnston Ill Omen al pack

Patrick Currier cueing up the next track in this ELM Imprint spotlight .
Photo: Ocean Eiler

With your roster of ELM Imprint talent what events do you have lined up for 2016?
5.29.2016 - in VA Beach with AK 1200, Will Miles, Robert Manos

6.8.2016 - We are bringing in Special Ed from Flex records to Transit w/ ill omen/myself/Deinfamous

6.9.2016 - Elm takeover Fun and Bass in Centerville, VA with Will Miles and my halftime moniker Dot45

9.2.2016 - VA Beach at young veterans brewery with RAW and Spinscott!

As an American Drum & Bass label, how do you see the strength of scene here?
Its getting stronger although its still divided between sub genres. Dance floor and Neuro seem to be the most popular.

What do you look for in a track that have being submitted to ELM Imprint?
Goosebumps and head nods first. Then we evaluate each submission as a team. We vote. Myself and Aaron have veto power though. I rely heavily on his input.

I assume you get new tracks from producer submissions? Or do you find producers you you want to work with and commission tracks?
We do all three. We mainly reach out to producers we want.

That's just nasty, heavy dirty bass lines mixes with soul,
Patrick Currier at the From The Annex Studio .
Photo: Ocean Eiler

Either way are there any upcoming producers the FTA audience should be looking out for?
Bill and Ed. We put out their first release. They are young in the game but have serious potential. They will be a force to reckon with in the future.

How would a producer submit tracks to ELM Imprint?
Email us at

Whats the best part of running a label?
Is this a trick question? Nah seriously….its rewarding. I love being able to support the drum and bass scene and those artists in it.

On the Boomerang Pirate Ship in 2016.
Credit: Jackie Jimenez

Then again whats the worst part?
The work...after i get off work. Its a 24/7/365 business...annnnd no pay. (for now) hopefully hard work pays off

As a label that was created after the digital distribution model had been standardize, what is your advise to aspiring labels?
Take your time. Realize that you will not make any money. Put out quality music and dont be afraid to take chances with new artists.

ELM Imprint puts out a lot of hustle into its merchandise.
Yes we do! We want people to be excited about what we are doing! Its a movement and we want people repping our brand!

A little bit about you, When you’re not running ELM Imprint, what other activities/music/hobbies to you enjoy?
I love growing veggies and composting. Yeah strange i know! I also enjoy outdoor activities. Working out and riding my bike. I am also learning the fire staff.

YOU! Patrick Currier commanding you to buy ELM Imprint music.
Photo: Ocean Eiler

How long have you been a DJ / Producer?
Dj 20 years. Producer 13 years

Have you always been a Virginia based DJ?
I started here. Being in the military i was blessed to be able to dj in Seattle and Missouri.

When did you first want to become a DJ?
I started spinning techno in 1997

Patrick Currier at RedZone Grill.. Credit: Amna Shah

Do you remember what your first record was you bought?
Ebe…. a tech house record.

Have you always been a Drum & Bass DJ? If not what did you play before Drum & Bass?
Techno and trance in the late 90s. Made the switch in 2001 to ragga jungle 

What was your first gig?
Spun trance at a show in Newport News VA in 98 or so.

What crews have you been affiliated with over the years?
Old Dirty Crew
64 waxx
VA Pressure

These are the intimate moments I love. One man lost in the mix.
Patrick Currier during the From the Annex: Spotlight on WERA 96.7fm.
Credit: Ocean Eiler

Do you have anyone you can call out on being a large influence on your DJ career?
Tasha Tribe Steppaz
Will Miles
Ill Omen
John Jacob

Whats the story behind your DJ name?
I wanted something grown up… so i used my middle name and my mother’s maiden name

Where do you aspire to play at?
Germany…… it will happen.

What do you look for in a track when you’re pulling your set together?
It depends on what the gig is.

Faction Digital Party 2012. Credit: Kristy Hartmann

As a mixed media DJ, (someone who will DJ with Vinyl, CD & audio files) what's your take on the media wars within the DJ community?
I think its retarded. This day and age you need to keep up with the changes. Be versatile

On the topic of your collection, how is your media organized at home?
Lol its not! My records are grouped my genre thats it. Digital is sorted by genre and year.

What's your home set up like?
2 cdjs and a mixer.

Your a producer as well, what names do you produce under and for who?
Patrick Currier - dnb
CBRN - breakcore
Dot45 - Breaks, Juke, footwork, halftime
Currier - techno / house
Pimp Trifecta - house

Patrick Currier feeling the groove of ELM Imprints sound.
Credit: Ocean Eiler

What are you doing more of, DJing or Production, now a days?
Djing more. Trying to find time for production

What’s your goal when you’re producing a track?
Finishing lol

What’s been your favorite DJ moment?
Hmmm a techno set i did on a rooftop in DC last summer. I was in the zone. Sunglass Sundays...check it.

Patrick Currier at Ultra Bar in 2012. Credit: Amna Shah

What are your top five favorite tracks right now?
Dirty Rat - Will Miles - ELM Imprint
The Civil Unrest - Pish Posh - ELM Imprint
I want it - Mutt and Tedder - ELM Imprint
Episode - Robert Manos - ELM Imprint
Another World - Bonk - ELM Imprint

What do you say to any bedroom DJ trying to get started?
Keep at it and support your local scene and they will support you. Keep putting out mixes…. take criticism from your peers and learn from it

In closing would you like to say to the FTA audience?
Thank you for all the support!

Patrick Currier during the From the Annex: Spotlight on WERA 97.7FM

I would like to give a big thanks to Partick Currier for coming out and being subjected to my 20 questions. If you would like to find him and his label check out the links below.

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