Friday, June 10, 2016

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #9 [06.09.16]

From The Annex [FTA] w/ The Librarian on 96.7FM WERA Arlington VA.

Thursday nights from 10pm - Midnight we broadcast Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dance Hall and whatever else is going to make the Nations beltway go bump in the night. We also inspire to bring you Event News, DJ Spotlights & Locally Produced Music.

This is episode #9. All vinyl, no computers, NO mixing?!?! Yea so I just picked up a nice collection of Drum & Bass from Jedi Jeff of DarkSydeFM fame. I have no clue what half these records are, so join me as I dig through these crates and pull out some wicked tunes... [fingers crossed]

001) Usual Suspects - Killa Bees - Renegade Hardware
002) Rob & Goldie - The Shadow (Bing Here Mix) - Moving Shadow
003) Teebee - U Don't Know - White Label
004) DJ Damage - Technology - Spektrum Audio
005) Elements of Noise - Warning (Sign Bomb) - Bassrush Records
006) Liftin' Sprits - Ghost Town - Liftin' Sprits Records
007) GFS - Titanium [The Metal Track (Featuring JG)] - Higher Education
008) Ram Jam World - Triple Trouble Featuring Rhymester (Krust Remix) - Higher
009) Education - DJ Rap v. Danny C - The Riff - Proper Talent Records
010) Calyx vs The Bombdroppers - Supercharge - Rugged Vinyl Records
011) DJ Hype - All I Have - True Playaz
012) Dom & Roland - Sonic Shock - Moving Shadow
013) Unknown - Unknown - White Label
014) Andy C - No Reality - Ram Records
015) TC - Jump (feat. D*Minds) - D-Style Recordings
016) Mampi Swift - Puppetwalk - Ganja records

Before I pull the needle off the record much love to my junglist family here within the beltway of DC. Your support means a lot to me so big up yourself.

To the FTA listeners world wide I want to send out some love. UK, Canada and Germany! Much respect to you all, much love and keep the listening. Stay locked to this channel for more Jungle / Drum & Bass or whatever I pull for your listening pleasure.

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As always Keep Smiling

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