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FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #10 [6.16.16]

From The Annex [FTA] w/ The Librarian on 96.7FM WERA Arlington VA.

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This is episode #10. By now you all have heard the new about PULSE night club shooting. The news struck a cord with me, not just for the dramatic loss of life but because that could have been any of us. When I first started DJing in 1997, I got my first regular gig was with "Open Doors" at Casa Nueva in Athens Ohio. Although I was not gay I was very much a rolling freak show with my multi colored hair, pin cushion body, and huge raver pants. They took one look at my freak flag waving and just shrugged and told me to join the party. That monthly gig was my home away from home, they were a part of my extended family. They have me my start in a life long love affair with music, and for that I'm very grateful. So fast forward to now, I'm sitting in the car thinking about this next weeks show and get slapped with this. No I don't know anyone who died, I don't half to they were members of my family, my community, the escape. I bounded into the Annex a wash with emotions pissed, sad, emotionally numb, the furious. Here was a group of club kids out on the town trying to get their groove on a dance floor. Only to be forcibly stopped, and frozen  in time. They would want the party to go on. For the DJ to drop the next track and for everyone to remember them shaking their tail feathers on the dance floor. This mix is for them. Its hard, fast, emotional.

Much respect to all those souls we lost.

001) Get Down - Emetiic X D!enamic
002) Glow - Dirtyphonics
003) We Can Have It All - Danny Byrd
004) Aztec - Original Mix - Spor
005) Love And Happiness - Original Mix - Tommy Boy
006) Welcome To The Jungle (Tantrum Desire Remix) - Drumsound, Simon Bassline Smith
007) Lottery - Dirtyphonics
008) Teleporation - Dirtyphonics
009) Feel So Free - Smooth
010) Champion Sound feat. Assassin (Serial Killaz Remix) - Benny Page
011) Summertime - John B
012) Drop Top Caddy - Mickey Finn & Aphrodite
013) Chopper 2005 (Bladerunner Remix) - Ray Keith
014) Itz On - Zodiac
015) Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix) - Chase & Status, Liam Bailey
016) Blaze The Fire (Rah!) - Danny Byrd Feat. General Levy
017) Unconditional Love (Turntable Dubbers remix) - Blend Mishkin ft. Peppery
018) Don't Let Go (feat. Dee Bo General) [L4P. Remix] - JungleRaiders
019) Who ya gonna call - Phibes
020) Feel Good (Roll Out Mix) - Wickaman, Mavrik
021) Labyrinth - Danny Byrd
022) Spiritaul Love (Makoto DnB Edit) - Urban Species
023) Back To Your Roots - Mr L Feat. Superfly 7
024) Plug It In (Original Mix) - Wickaman, Mavrik
025) 1up - Spor
026) Black [Silent Code Remix] - DJ SS
027) Stand Up - DJ Friction vs Camo & Krooked feat Dynamite MC
028) Peace Love & Unity (Remix) - DJ Hype
029) Stalker (Benny Page remix) - Aphrodite
030) Blazin' (Shy FX & T Power Remix) - Tali
031) The Groundbreaker (Shy FX & T Power Vocal) - Fallacy & Fusion
032) MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS

Big Ups to Emetiic X D!enamic for passing on that killer track I started off the night with. It may not have been Jungle / Drum & Bass but the track still was bangin'. To check out this track or his new EP release check the links below.

Before I pull the needle off the record much love to the DC junglist. Your support means a lot to me so big up yourself. To the FTA listeners world wide I want to send out some love. France I see you, Much love to Russia, and Oh Canada how I miss your Jungle scene so! Respect to you all no matter where your tuning in from, much love and keep the listening. Stay locked to this channel for more Jungle / Drum & Bass or whatever I pull for your listening pleasure.

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