Friday, August 12, 2016

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #14 [7.15.16]

From The Annex w/ The Librarian on 96.7FM WERA Arlington VA.

Thursday nights from 10pm - 11pm, broadcasting Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dance Hall and whatever else is going to make the Nations beltway go bump in the night. We also inspire to bring you Event News, DJ Spotlights & Locally Produced Music.

This is episode #14. I'm so mentally right now NUMB. I can’t turn on any media outlet without the pain, the hurt and the violence. I don’t want to make America great again because we already pretty great but we have room to improve. The past sucked and we are repeating it now. We need to stop, this is our time! Its time to make the world amazing. But right now its time to let off some steam. Get your dancing shoes cause we are going hard.


001) Junglist (Congo Natty No Sell Out Remix) - Tribe of Isscar Ft. PeterBouncer
002) Dubplate - D. Kay
003) Expresshions (B-Boy Mix) - The Prisoners Of Technology
004) Give Me A Dubplate - Rude & Deadly
005) Wardance - Serial Killaz VIP Mix - Rebel MC
006) Children Of Israel (Featuring- Little T) - Knowledge & Wisdom
007) Ride De Riddim (No Escape) - Knowledge & Wisdom
008) Kind-A-Funk - The Tripodz
009) See The Vibe (Ed Solo Remix) - Gardana ft. Tiffani Juno
010) Hype The Funk (Special Re Works) - EPS & 2-Vibe
011) Super Sharp Shooter (Remix) - DJ Zinc
012) Radical (original dubplate) - Blackstar
013) Fugees Or Not - Dope Skillz
014) Peace Love & Unity - DJ Hype

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