Friday, January 13, 2017

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #40 [01.12.17]

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This is episode #40. After last weeks ragefest I figured it was time to breath. So fire up the lighters, slip on those beaten dancing shoes and exhale all the negativity that life is feeding you today. Pulling classics for tonight's show to help the healing of our nation, because in the end its all about balance. Keep Smiling fam we will get you through this.

01) The Prisoners Of Technology - Push Da Button
02) Aphrodite - B. M. Funkster
03) DJ Red - Enta Da Dragon
04) The Prisoners Of Technology - FEEEELLLL
05) The Dream Team - Public Enemy
06) DJ Hype - Peace, Love & Unity (Remix) [feat. MC Fats]
07) Adam F - Circles (Roni Size Mix)
08) The Prisoners Of Technology - The Trick of Technology
09) Rasta Vibez - Soundclash
10) Top Cat - Friend in Need (Heist Remix)
11) Ed Solo & Deekline - Sensi (feat. DJ Concept)
12) Benny Page & Mr Williamz - Pass the Kouchie

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As always Keep Smiling
The Librarian 

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