Monday, January 30, 2017

FTA EVENT: Vinyl Purist Radio with The Librarian and Drip [Live Stream Video]

The other night I got the opportunity to get on to Vinyl Purist Radio a live stream YouTube channel for vinyl heads. I can't speak highly enough about how much fun it was to play for them. Hart and Teresa totally treated me like family, especially as I badgered Hart with questions about his set up, his vinyl collection and his DJ history. Expect to see more from Hart Drip on From The Annex... hint hint. HA!

Expect to see some dancing, mixing and goofy antic from me, while Drip is nothing but surgical with his mixing performance beside the occasional grin from my hollering as he drops tracks that I wish I had played or did not know I owned (always check the b side folks).

Here is the write up on the two of us for this live stream event.

[[ [ [ THE LIBRARIAN ] ] ]]

The Librarian is the DJ of Fromtheannex FM, a Jungle/Drum & Bass show local to Washington, DC which airs every Thursday night from 10-11pm on WERA 96.7 FM. A mid-west original who migrated to the DC beltway 15 years ago in the midst of the great dnb recession, he's been a part of aiding rebirth of the scene in and around the beltway since he joined the community and credits 2Tuff, 3D Productions, SubDistrick, Fun & Bass, Transit (Give Productions) and all other crews for continuing to push the ball forward. Shoutouts to Elm Imprint, Tribalistix Sound, ADstone and The StoneLioness.

[[ [ [ DRIP ] ] ]]

Half the brains and all the talent behind Vinyl Purist Radio, Hart Drip has been actively DJing for 20 years. His love for vinyl is well known locally, and his experience on the production side has led him to become both passionate and persistent about sound quality. Drip's sets span the spectrum of dnb and jungle, offering a variety of sounds and bass lines, but from time to time, you can also catch him drop some soulful, groovy house music under his alter ego, Hartless.

 The Link to the live stream video is HERE:

The Librarian Playlist:
001) Soundclash - Rasta Vibez

002) Chase the Devil - Gunman
003) Get Ready "All Junglist" - Rebel MC & Serial Killaz
004) Stalker Benny Page Remix - Aphrodite
005) Junglist DJ Hype Remix - Tribe of Issachar
006) Ganja Man Serial Killaz Remix - Krome & Time
007) Bad Ass Serial Killaz - Mickey Finn & Aphrodite
008) Soundclash (Deekline & Ed Solo's Jungle Cakes Remix) - Rack N Ruin
009) Origin Unknown ‎– Truly One
010) Fiesta - Drumagick
011) Menace (Cloak Remix) - The Dream Team
012) D For Danger - Original Sin
013) Nu/Tone – e.Spresso
014) Rude Bwoy Shuffle -
015) Walk & Skank (Unreleased 96 Version) - The Dream Team
016) Walk & Skank (Northern Lights Remix) - Serial Killaz


Drip Playlist:
I will let the heads and train spotters leave the tracks in the comments.


Thank you to my listeners if you like what you hear feel free to share it around. We depend on you to spread the word. Big ups to Vinyl Purist Radio! Thank you for having me out!

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As always Keep Smiling
The Librarian

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