Thursday, March 9, 2017

FTA MUSIC: Edward the Librarian: From The Annex: Episode #48 [03.09.17]

Dark. Slow. Heavy. Sometimes we need to step out of the main stream and find center again. I don't profess that this will help you but it was a nice change up for me. Kick back, fire up some knowledge, and set that cruse control cause we are rolling.

Like clock work you can find us here every Thursday nights from 10pm - 11pm on WERA 96.7 FM, broadcasting Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dub & Dance Hall to the Nations capital (DC).

01) DFly - BodyTek
02) Bonk - Falling
03) Tummler - So High Original
04) DFly - Amino
05) Damage - Nightwoman
06) Twisted Minds - Dish It Out
07) Tummler - From The Hood
08) Terry T - Da Beat Might Drop
09) Aphrodite - DoJo
010) Bonk - Satellites
011) DJ Devize - Ten Tymez [Featuring MC PM]
012) Aphrodite - Acid Junkie
013) Runner - Youre What I want
014) Limewax - Straightest Heath

Big ups to ELM Imprint who had a large hand in shaping tonight sound. If you don't know about the American Label

Something thats come up a few times now. If you produce Jungle / Drum & Bass music and think I should hear your tunes. Send them in, if I like it I will play it. Great case in point is DFly has been floating me tracks all year and all most all of them have ended up either on the radio or in my live sets. Just saying. Hell if you have music thats not DnB but you think I would like it send it in.

As always if you like the broadcast let us know and Share us around:

As always Keep Smiling
The Librarian

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