Sunday, March 26, 2017

FTA MUSIC: Monsters of Mash Up Tour [DC]: From The Annex: Episode #50 [03.23.17]

Elm Imprint & From the Annex Presents: The Monsters of Mash up tour DC!

Recorded live on February 24th 2016 at the Zebra Bar in DC

This was an amazing night with the legendary veterans of Breakcore End.User, Bong Ra & DJ Shitmat. Before these giants in the game unleashed a full frontal assault on DC, the local team took on the floor and got things moving. First up with have:

TRVS (Newport News, VA)
- Early funk / Mash Up

Patrick Currier b2b NLIC
- Halftime / Jungle

The Librarian (Alexandria, VA)
- Old School Jungle

NOW! The breakcore veterans End.User, Bong Ra & DJ Shitmat are back on the road after their 2005 cult Euro Monsters of Mash Up tour. Twelve years later the same team are hitting the States together for the first time, ready to dish out some oldskool mash-up madness. This will be the only time these three Breakcore legends will tour the US, well, if the manage to survive each show at a time!

- Breakcore


-Breakcore (UK)

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Big ups to all the DJs that made tonight a reality. It comes bitter sweet that this will be the last show for a while but as I noted I will be back now and again with new episodes, interviews and some very special takeovers in store for 2017.

As always Keep Smiling and Thank you all for your support.

The Librarian

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