Monday, June 24, 2019

FTA ALERT: Jungle / Drum & Bass Vinyl for sale in the DMV

... and it looks MINTY!!!!

every once in a while a DJ or an old head puts up their collection. In this case its a hell of a collection for DNB fans.

From the Craigslist ad:

Over 200 LP/EP from 1997 to 2003, the bulk of which is most likely 1999-2001. Also have a crate of 100+ singles and promos and such from the same time-frame.

It's largely Drum n' Bass, but there is some old jungle, dub, and other randomness. Lots of Bad Company, Total Science, Dillinga and stuff from RAM, Renegade Hardware, Virus, etc. All played at least a few times, but all in very good shape. They've always been cared for and kept shelved/climate controlled when not on the decks. I'm selling the lot, not singles.

Asking price $1100

Which is to rich for my reserves at the moment (baby, live stream and a trip to Scotland in my future). However, lets break it down for a second, roughly that is the price of 100+ new records and your getting some ULTRA classics with no discogs hassle or shipping fees. If you have the funds DO IT ALREADY! Its killing me I get daily alerts from CL that their are Jungle/DnB records for sale in the DMV, stop my pain.

By now someone is asking where the link is. Here you go heads.


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