Sunday, October 20, 2019

DIY Reuse DJ Set Up: Record Bin

Just after leaving my dad at the airport he noted: 

"Hey don't buy anything or make any big decisions till 48 hours after you have landed back in the states. Jet lag can do a real number on you."

With this in mind let me tell you how I converted an old DJ coffin into a new record bin. HA!

Here is the coffin in my studio. It was mainly there so I could put synths and noisemakers in my production. However, I'm building a better place for all that to happen in. Thus I have this coffin that is a real pain when I have my record cases on it. So in my jet-lagged brain, I said "I GOT THIS!" and measured out how much room space I had.

3 rows! that's great. I originally thought I would cut and pull out all carpet but that was a pain so I just grabbed the circular saw and went at it.

THANK JAH! I did not clog up my saw with all that carpeting. It actually was pretty smooth sailing to be transparent. All those years of freestyling with a saw on skate ramps paid off.

With my cuts made it became clear the middle strips were not load-bearing. So supports were fashioned as you can see below.

Here is where I have to apologize for the Julia Childs's move, I'm about to pull. TADA! Here is the finished product. What you missed was a week of sourcing old yoga mats, spray paint and a few support nails.

Since the build was completed I have to say I'm pleased as punch with the results. I've been looking at DIY plans for record bins for years. Time and money always kept me from pulling the trigger. This, on the other hand, was a free, and quick build.

So if you have an old DJ coffin floating around in your basement taking up space and you are in need of a record bin. I hope this gives you some ideas.

As always I'm the Librarian and keep smiling kids. I will catch you on the flip.

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