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10.02.2009 Review of DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together (Featuring: Natural Black)

Review of DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together

I'm a collector of sounds this means digging high and low for tracks. I've recently been frequenting Ragga Jungle dot com, trying to keep my the pulse of up and coming producers. It should be noted their is a lot of crap out there and although this review may seem brutal I don't review anyone I think does not have massive potential.

DJ Ramza - Get Yourself Together (Featuring: Natural Black)


Light, summer merriment, with a 8-bit video game twist. The ragga audio by Natural Black is an excellent touch. But something is missing, a lot of the right parts are there but its just slightly off. In its current form its a mid grade track, one that I would own if pressed but I would not naturally grab for in a set.

Vocals are dead on, don't change a thing.
The Drums are solid in my opinion. (should be noted I'm a sucker for the old school drum lines.)
3:30 WTF is that break! I like it but where is the rest of it. You gave us a taste of something then took it away. :)


0:55 Rough patch just feels like it jumps the gun a little bit.
The horns are a little reminiscent of a video game.
The Bass is average on the verge of unimaginative I think you have a lot of room to play there.
The Keyboard influence is suzuki, long sustained chords don't really add to the merriment of the track. You might try a different keyboard style.


The second coming of this track has excellent potential. I'm stoked to see what this ottawa native brings to the table next. Cheers

The Librarian

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