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10.28.09 RE:Issue V001 - DJ Twelve7nine: Demo 2002

RE:Issue V001 - DJ Twelve7nine: Demo 2002
Jumping into a the way back machine with mix tapes from my DJ past. Recently in my excursion to the great annex in the South East, I found a missing cache of demo tapes tracking from 1997 to 2005. I'm pleased to present to you a fine selection of sounds from our raving past. For my old school fans who can remember these tunes, you probably did not partake as much in the 90's as you thought you did.

Edward the Librarian
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001) Never Gonna Give you Up - Red 5
002) True Born (VIP Mix) - The Prisoners of Technology
003) Cold Blooded (Pay Up Mix) - The Prisoners of Technology
004) The Message - Shy FX
005) Spy Hunter - JG of GFS
006) Jungle Brothers - Jungle Brothers
007) Hype The Funk - EPS & 2-Vibes
008) 5,4,3,2,1 - The Penguin
009) How High - Aphrodite vs. Method Man & Redman
010) Trick of Technology (Remix) - The Prisoners of Technology

Background Story:
In 2002, Karen Brtko and I had just received our most recent vinyl record purchase from NYC. At the time I was still a House DJ and Karen was just starting her collection as an intelligent Jungle DJ. Nick Pierce was over at the house and I was killing time playing Karen's records. At some point, Karen and Nick both look over at me and note that I seem very natural playing jungle music. I have always enjoyed Jungle music but back then I always imagined it to very difficult to mix. Go Figure.

Around this time period, Nick, Karen and myself were all up in Columbus Ohio visiting a mutual friend Doug Schwartz. Doug is a talented House DJ, who originally got his start in Jungle. Many of my early years in the electronic dance scene was shaped by Doug, Universal Groove and later Headroom. At the time of our visit Doug was thinning out his collection and offered me to take some records to help fill out my very small jungle crate. His collection of Jungle was roughly based from 1995 to 98, very heavy, high rolling, old school tunes. I did more then just help him thin it out I almost walked out of his house with his full collection. I'm sure he was not expecting that, and how he let that happen or why he allowed me to do that I have no clue. Looking back on it I feel a bit sheepish for my actions as I did take advantage of his generosity. To this day those records still are the foundation and definition of my old school sound.

Since then I've tried to live by Doug's example of generosity, I've given away more records then I care to think about and tried my best to help out young guns that I've met over the years. Whether it was a fluke or not I owe a lot to Doug. So cheers,This ones for you Doug.

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Addie said...

love it! it would have been fun to have seen all of the energy back then when you actually put this one out!