Monday, October 5, 2009

10.04.2009 DC Record Fair

Comet Ping Pong
Som Records, DC Soul Recordings, Smash Records, J.Malls, Gee's Records, Red Onion Records & Books & a bunch of Richmond Private sellers(Sorry for those not mentioned).

It was 9am and I just arrived out side of Mister Wilson's place of residence. Mister Wilson is a vinyl consumer, I would call him a consumer because he has all the traits of a vinyl junkie but with more control. The sun is pleasantly warming my face as I doodle on some scrap paper. My phone blows up, "I'm looking at you" Wison's texts. I write back "I'm looking at a tree, I think I have the better view".

Eventually I move from my spot in the grass and walked into his humble abode. Due to a miss communication he had double booked himself, soccer or records... soccer won. However I landed a free ride to the fair out of it. The Librarian was pleased.

10:32am we arrive at Comet Ping Pong, $2 at the door and presto change-o its on. I walked to the back of the venue to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. First off their was a lot more people then I was expecting on a sunday morning, second Comet Ping Pong is an awesome venue, and finally there are RECORDS GLORE!

Wiggling my way into a crate I started the dig but also carefully timing my dig with the individual beside me, so we could either bump down together or swap crates. I almost circled the whole back room in this fashion.

In this time I met the guys from Smash Records, the pittsburgh crew (possibly linked with Jerry's Records "mecca") thank for the record track advice J.Malls, The men of Som Records, who are always glad to see you. Then scattered between in the front and back was a huge number of Richmond private sellers.

Now I'm a Junglist at hart, but I was stupefied at the lack of club-house-electronic-techno-anything at this fair. I was not expecting to find a wicked cache of Drum and Bass, but hell I was half expecting to see the left overs from failed DC record stores of my past (Yoshitoshi, capitol city records, dj hut).

Which only begs the questions if a private seller was looking to minimize his Annex of dark, classic, and vocal Drum & Bass would it sell? Seeing that my wife gave me some hell for being a vinyl junkie and I'm running out of space to hold the records that I'm actually spinning in my set... maybe its time to think about narrowing down my collection? More on this thought in a later. But really where are all those secret caches.

In the end I came out with an awesome old school hip-hop set and a few fun picks:

Urban Dance Squad

The Grey Album | Danger Mouse

Boom Shalock Lock Boom | House of Pain

Doin Our Own Danc | Jungle Brothers

Stressed Out | A Tribe Called Quest

Fu-Gee-La | Fugees
History of Hip Hop | DDS & Bman
Jungle Brothers | Jungle Brothers
Bonita Applebum | A Tribe Called Quest
Quality Control | Jurassic 5
Turn it Out | Jurassic 5
Labor Days | Aesop Rock
Rebirth of slicks | Digable Planets
Let the Rythem Hit'em | Eric B & Rakim
Wild Style Sound Track
My Adidas | RUN DMC
Check the Rhime | A Tribe Called Quest
Internet MCs | Akrobatik
EPMD | You Gotts to Chill
Future Development | Del the Funky Homosapien
Moonshining | Junior Samples
Burnin' | The Wailers
Rastaman Vibration | Bob Marley & the Wailers


About ten 45 records mostly Reggae and hip hop

Mad props to all the vendors and the people who put on this event. Of which I'm guessing the Vinyl District Blog had some part to play in all this, mainly because I ran in to a bunch of people associated with it. This includes a woman who popped a photo of me with my loot.

Thanks to you all for making me a happy librarian.

so any thoughts on if my records would sell if I attend the next DC records fair as a vendor?

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