Thursday, January 24, 2013

Randomness: Rant of the day

Today's rant.... if DJ Blend is what has become of dj culture, and the masses are cool with that, I give up. has anyone ever gone out to see a DJ and got completely blown away? heard a set that inspired you to become a DJ? most of those DJ's put almost every ounce of their focus into their set and into the crowd, trying to program tunes in the perfect order to take you into a "lose yourself" moment. when you see a dj who spends maybe 80% of their set dancing to their own music not caring what the crowd is doing or wanting, then something is wrong. but again, if that's what is hot right now, enjoy it while it lasts. maybe i got to get with the times, but for me I expect more and would rather see someone give it all they got rather than audition for the circus. end rant :) - AK1200

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