Saturday, November 26, 2011

Edward the Librarian: Drum & Bass - 10 Minute Mix: 001

This is not fully a 10 minute mix as the camera I was using to record it only allowed me to record for 7 minutes. But its my first attempt to make a 10 minute mix.

Why do a 10 minute mix? Well while trolling YouTube for cat videos I kept running it to these 10 minute mix videos. They have been around forever from what I can tell. Even DJ Tutor has a part of their site dedicated to 10 minute mix competitions [here]. So I was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

First off as someone that plays long format style a couple of hours at a time, 10 minutes is freakishly short. But 10 minutes is the goal so about 4 songs, the top of the evening / the climax of your set. Ok I think I've got this.

MA2 (Kenny Ken & Mace Remix) - DJ SS
Lights Lock Off - Mickey Finn & Dub vs D.Bo General (Limited Edition Promo)
The Jungle - Sigma
Bunn The Sensi (Heretic Remix) - Top Cat

Well for the first go around it was not bad. A little weird juggling a video camera, a audio recorder and then Serato. But its all part of the new territory I guess. ba ha.

Respect to:
Friends & Family, VA Pressure, DJ Ravine, ellaskins & DJ Tutor, Ohio Hardcore, Headroom, Universal Groove, 3D Productions, TurnStyleOnline, WRIR FM, NOVA Massive & Junglist world wide.

Thanks for watching & happy Thanksgiving.

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