Thursday, November 17, 2011

OTHER EVENTS: (Follow Up ) Aphrodite presented by 3D Productions At Ultra Bar

Before I talk about the event and how much fun it was. I want to take a second and recognize the power and the responsibility of the warm up DJ. As its an art and a craft all to its own with its own set of rules and nomenclatures. This is a note for both DJs and promoters alike.

DJ JUNGLE JESSIE & BLAZE ONE my hats off to you both. You rocked a solid classic ragga set. The tempo was good, the vibe was right, it looked like you has some technical issues but you both played them off well. I look forward to seeing you both play out again. It also helps that both of you were wicked nice and personable. Blaze One I hope you enjoy the demo I passed to you.

Props given. On to the main event...

The God Father of Jungle

Photo Caption: Beatplantation @ Druckluft Oberhausen Germany August 2011
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♛ DJ Aphrodite ♛
aka Gavin King's career in DJing and production has spanned 16 years and under various guises, 'Godfather of jungle', 'King of the Beats' and more is responsible for introducing, entertaining and moving millions of Drum and Bass fans across the globe...

It was a friend of mind that commented "well we will see how the night goes he [Aphrodite] can be hit of miss".

That reminder took me down a notch and reminded me to never meet my hero's. BA HA. So when he dropped his first track and it was not what I expected in sound, style or tempo I just rolled with the punches. His set was new, upbeat with sprinkling reminders of the classic tunes we have all grown up with wrapped up in a Drumstep beat pattern. Any disappointment I (or anyone else) had is purely our own fault for now seeking out his newer recorded sets, this morning I spent a few hours checking out his new work. Its good but admittedly when I rolled to Ultra Bar last night, I kept Aphrodite in a time capsule of the mid to late 1990's. A friend of mine Mr. Rodgers once commented that "Drum & Bass is all about the future thats why he couldn't play old school tunes all night."

All and all, mad props to 3D Productions, Ultra Bar, Jungle Jessie, Blaze One, Kying of Thievez, & Aphrodite. It was a night I will not soon forget.

Photo Caption: Ultrabar going off during Aphrodite's set. Can you spot the Librarian? Photo by Raf from 3D Productions
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Special Shout out to "Mamma" the Mighty Dancer, & the New Zealanders who were wicked fun to talk to.

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