Sunday, November 6, 2011

FOLLOW UP: HEADZ: Friday Nov.4th. @ 9:30 Backstage Bar


You can laugh all you like but thats what it felt like. Imagine being transported 10 plus years with a couple of friends, a bunch of strangers and some of the DC Jungle / DnB veterans. Mix in a small backbar with minimal lighting and Presto you have HEADZ.

Most of the night was dedicated to those old school tunes which only aided in the mental rewind of the times. Sure many of us were older showing some grey and have moved on from the party scene but as we all were rocking out and calling for the rewind, it acted as a reminder that we all have a shared foundation in a not to distant past.

Although you can never relive the past, Friday night acted as a reminder that we all have a role to play in the future of music. Matt Rodgers said it best "...we have to educate the people about where their music came from..." I could not agree more.

To all the DJ's that played DJK, Eternal, Psykofly, Quannum Logic, Harry Ransom, Locks, Stress & Matt Rogers (& MC Mecha). Thank you for reminding me of the amazing wealth of tunes that have come before. I found myself continually running over to the booth to remind myself who wrote a track or what the name of a particular tune was.

On that note Eternal posted up his set from that night! So if you did happen to miss it here is a blast from your past.

Eternal - HEADZ 9:30 Backbar
1. Dillinja - Muthafucka (Philly Blunt '95)
2. Dillinja - Chronic 13 (1997)
3. DJ Krust - Chronic 5 (1996)
4. Pascal - P-Funk Era (Frontline '95)
5. DJ Trace - By Any Means Necessary (DeeJay '95)
6. Doc Scott - Drums '95 (Metalheadz '95)
7. Krome & Time - The License Rmx (Tearin Vinyl '95)
8. Sappo - Dope Man (Flex '96)

MP3: [Download]

Harry Ransom - HEADZ 9:30 Backbar
1. Basher & Xtrah – “Reflections” (Subtitles)
2. Fierce & S.P.Y. – “Borderline” (Quarantine Recordings)
3. Dose – “Squander” (Human Imprint)
4. Need For Mirrors – “Lofar” (Metalheadz)
5. Emalkay – “The World feat. Lena Cullen (Teebee Remix)” (Dub Police)
6. Enei – “Movin’ Fast” (Critical Recordings)
7. Icicle & Commix – “Ultra Clean” (Shogun Audio)
8. Rido – “Focus” (Metalheadz)
9. Cyantific – “Touch Me” (Ram Records)
10. Break – “Something New” (Symmetry Recordings)
11. Need For Mirrors – “Skip Rope” (Symmetry Recordings)
12. Optiv & BTK – “Get Ready” (Dispatch Recordings)
13. Keaton & Hive – “Resolution” (Renegade Hardware)
14. J Majik & Wickaman – “Old Headz” (Metalheadz)

MP3: [Download]

If you all can't tell I still reeling a bit from the weekend. Props to Steve for inviting me out and playing the old school tunes. Wicked props to Rich & Matt for destroying the dance floor its always great seeing you both. A shout to Dan, I look forward to hearing your feed back on the demo I was handing out.

Finally, to everyone else that made it out. Thank you. You all made the evening an amazing success. We all may have gotten older but I'll be damned if anyone can say the old school can't party hard.

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