Wednesday, November 2, 2011

RANDOMNESS: Capital Ghost Story by Ill Omen

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Halloween ghost story for those who know: I am staying in DC for work this week. My company booked the hotel late in the game so I am little farther out from the convention center. I thought I recognized the area but it had been a while so I wasn't 100% sure since I came in from a different direction. I decided I wanted a McFlurry last night, since there was little else to satisfy my sweet tooth within walking distance. I exited the Hotel and walked past recently cleared lots and new business and apartment high rise buildings - and walked right past the ghost of Nation (aka Capitol Ballroom). Gave me a slight chill. I stopped for a bit and over the dull rush of nearby 395 traffic, I could hear people standing in 2 separate lines discussing the last time they had seen "DJ So-and-So". Exchanging urban rave legends and bragging about a new mixed tape. The sound of promoters handing out flyers and spreading the word about a nearby up and coming event. Bums asking for some "help" by offering to protect your car from possible vandalism. I caught glimpses of myself and groups of friends dressed to impress, intent on one-upping each other on the dance floor. I stood on that piece of sidewalk for almost 2 minutes before moving on. Best paranormal experience I have had in a looooooong time.
- Ill Omen

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Librarian Notes: I felt compelled to re-post this as Capitol Ballroom / Nations had such a huge impact on the DJs & Party goers in this region. Personally was hit pretty hard by this post and how true it resonated with my own memories and emotions. Respect to Ill Omen for this post.

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