Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RANDOMNESS: The American Jungle 2012 [Teaser]

The American Jungle is a feature length documentary about the North American Drum & Bass scene. We will be traveling during Spring and Summer of 2012 to over 30 cities in the U.S. and Canada documenting the history, culture, and the impact drum & bass / jungle made in North America. To get involved please contact us at and help us spread the word by sharing this video to all your friends.

This teaser is a condensed version of the idea behind the concept for the full length movie. The movie/ documentary will be covering not only history, but the impact of Drum and Bass in America. This means local smaller scenes, as well as big city scenes. The first part of our teaser stresses history with a very brief summery of how it came North America. Then Knoxville, TN to show of the love people have for the music and the energy to carry it through the smaller cities scenes(making that a point of how that is a developmental aspect of it's fan base in our continent) and their local DNB promoters/dj's that make it happen. It also shows Denver as a subject, this way the average viewer is aware of what is happening with how jungle or drum and bass has developed across North America in entirety. Through not only big "raves" or "massives" and "only for the headz" underground parties in major cities, but also parties that happen throughout North America with the same energy and love shown in smaller cities. The ending is just the raw footage of people enjoying Drum and Bass, the energy, the love, and the lifestyle.The finished production hopes to meet every ones' expectations and uncover the love and dedication fans of drum and bass have in North America by giving the viewer a broad experience of what makes drum and bass a culture here. The purpose behind the project is to carry the love and passion for a music and scene, that has not been given proper exposure, to a larger audience. That way not only less knowledgeable people can develop an understanding or love for the music, but enthusiasts might even learn more about the music they love through history, interviews, and coverage of parties. This in turn hopefully allows the North American scene to develop to it's potential, and promoters, DJ's, and producers can all reach the market on the level they deserve.

Thanks for all the support!

::Interviews In Order of Appearance::
Smash Brothers (xplicit & sharpshooter :: denver)
DMX (denver)
Mystical Influence (toronto / denver)
Evenflo (denver)
Zane (denver)
Kryteria (florida)
Nero (uk)
Dieselboy (new york)
Fury (denver)
NC-17 (toronoto / cleveland)
Hype (uk)
Mc Daddy Earl (uk)
Phenetic (denver)
Brad T (knoxville)
Solanum (knoxville)
Will Azada (knoxville)
Bass Disciples (Brad T & Micah Chockley :: knoxville / new york)

DbL tRbL w/ Syllable - No Need
Marcus Visionary - Junglist Sound (feat. Johnny Osbourne)
NC-17 - Owsley
Figure - Retarded Shit
Terravita - Lockdown
AK1200 - Drowning (Terravita RMX)

Jeremy Ballard (Producer, Creator, Editor, Camera Operator)
Josh Freeman (Producer, Production Assistant)
Jeremiah Reddick (Director)
James Tobin (Sound Mixer, Sound Recorder)
Sam Joos (Color Correction, Color Treatment)
Blurred Productions - Rosco Guerrroro & Chris Dodge (Camera Operator)
John Mecklenborg (Asst. Director, Sound Recorder :: Knoxville)

SOURCE:[Junglist Sêrial via Facebook]

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