Friday, October 1, 2021

FTA Spotlight: [DC Session] Harry Ransom

Here in DC in the 2000s, there was a good chance if you went to a DnB show you would see Ransom on the bill. The man seemed to be everywhere. We caught up with him and had a bit of a chat about this time in DC.  Enjoy

Rolling the clock back. Man look at the mixer!

Just in case you all forgot about the DC DnB message board. Proper time traveling business.

If you would like to find our man Harry Ransom nowadays:

I would like to apologize, eagle eye followers will notice that this interview happened in APRIL! Yes, I've been sitting on this one without even realizing it as it was a draft that just never got published. For that I'm sorry. Oh well life happens

Enjoy Fam. Keep Smiling

The Librarian

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