Wednesday, August 11, 2021

FTA MUSIC: The Librarian at FAMILY TREE COLLECTIVE PARTY [Ragga Jungle / Drum & Bass ]

There is family through blood but then there is family through sound. Family Tree Collective is the latter. They invited me up and welcoming me into their Tree House studio in an undisclosed location in Baltimore Maryland. 

It was the first time since COVID hit that I've played in person. Man did it feel nice. Thank you to the whole Family Tree Collective. Your vibes, energy, and excitement for the music was a much-needed shot in the arm.  

After which I was asked if I wanted to be affiliated with the Collective, to which I said it would be my pleasure. I can't say I will be making that run to B-More all the time but I do look forward to more sessions in the future. Mad love

... Next time I got you... ha.

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 Thank you & Keep Smiling, 

 The Librarian

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